So it will be like this now, under the eves of Fountain House
where the languid vespers ferment, wandering
with a lantern and my house-keys
on a chord: I called, echoing remotely,
misplaced laughter, troubling without waking
sleep, a dream of things…

Музей Анны Ахматовой в Фонтанном доме

How to buy tickets?
You can buy tickets at the museum’s ticket office. It is located in the garden of the Fountain House, in the gallery "Saray". You can book a tour in a foreign language by the number +7 812 579 72 39 or e-mail
Anna Akhmatova has lived in the Fountain House, in the apartment of the famous art critic and avant-garde theorist Nikolai Punin for almost 30 years.
Akhmatova — Punin Memorial Apartment
Joseph Brodsky has never lived in the Fountain House. But the very next year after the opening of the Anna Akhmatova Museum, his belongings settled here.
Joseph Brodsky. Still life
The apartment on Kolomenskaya Street is Gumilev’s first separate apartment. Before that, there were other people’s "corners", more than 13 years of prisons and camps, rooms in "communal apartments".
Lev Gumilev Memorial Apartment
"Vladimirskaya", "Dostoevskaya", "Mayakovskaya"
Trolleybus: 3, 8, 15
Daily from 10:30 to 18:30
Wednesday from 12:00 to 20:00
Monday is a day off
Ticket office closes an hour earlier
Saint-Petersburg, Liteyniy prospect, 53
Opening hours
Ticket price: 300 rubles
"Dostoevskaya", "Ligovsky Prospekt"
Trams: 16, 25, 49
Daily from 11:00 to 18:00
Monday is a day off
Ticket office closes an hour earlier
St. Petersburg, Kolomenskaya str., 1/15, apartment 4
Opening hours
Ticket price: 300 Rubles